Client Stories





I was always told I was "normal" and that I had nothing to worry about: my peers respected me, I loved learning and school, and I was a fine athlete. But, there was always something inhibiting me from fully embracing myself, my individuality. Having grown up in a health-conscious family with two very thin sisters, I felt at a loss when "I kept outgrowing my jean size" at a time when my weight should have been stabilizing. I had no one to turn to -- I thought everyone would think I was crazy for worrying about my weight at such a young age. After months of frustration, I finally mustered up the courage to ask my mother if I could tag along with her to her appointment with Mariah.

Upon first meeting Mariah, I was welcomed into her home with warmth and a strong sense of determination to accomplish my goal of eating right, implementing exercise back into my daily routine, and losing the excess weight. Without her inspiration and constant positive reinforcement I would not be where I am today. I can now say that I am knowledgeable about the food choices I make, I enjoy exercising, and I am confident in my body!


At age 45, I was approaching 245lbs and even with exercise, found it impossible to lose weight. At that time, I started working with Mariah, in a program sponsored by my corporation. The accountability to my group and Mariah was an added incentive to stay on the program. Positive reinforcement came from the consistent 2-3lbs of weight loss every week. My energy level was higher and it became easier to eat healthy and maintain an exercise routine.

With the initial ten week round, I lost 45lbs and have kept this weight off for over a year. The beauty of Mariah's weight counseling is the coaching. Mariah knows how to encourage us to do our best and at the same time, can understand a situation that might make us stray from the plan. I have recommended Mariah to many and all have been successful with this program.


Before working with Mariah, I honestly thought I was good a losing weight, but I had NEVER been successful at keeping it off. I heard about Mariah about two years ago and finally realized I needed help, and that was when I decided to enroll in the program. My life has changed 100% since working with Mariah. I am so much more knowledgeable about food choices, amounts, and the hidden truths about weight gain.

I also have gotten into a daily exercise routine which has been a contributed tremendously to my weight loss. I am beyond proud of my success. Thanks to all the personal attention, encouragement, knowledge and discipline I received from Mariah I have been able to maintain my weight. If you are considering working with Mariah, definitely do it! The one to one approach is the way to go. She will cater the program to fit your personality and lifestyle, and you will be surprised how successful you will be!


I decided to work with Mariah because by losing control of my weight, I felt like I was losing control of my life as well. The level of joy that I had felt in the past had diminished so that there were few things that brought me happiness. Since participating in this program, I feel like I am in charge of myself once again. My self-confidence has done a 360 and now, instead of dreading invitations to dinners or parties, I look forward to them.

My focus has shifted from “What could I wear that will look decent on me?” to “What fun this event will be!” I define success as bringing up children to thrive in the world, and to be in charge of the state of my mind and body. I feel successful in both of these areas. There is no price you can put on that! I would tell anybody considering working with Mariah not hesitate! They owe it to themselves to finally get involved with a hands-on program that actually works. We are all worth it!


I decided to work with Mariah (by phone since I live in Michigan) because I wanted to change my life. That change was losing the 20lbs I had never been able to lose. I felt like there was no time but the present to finally lose that weight. My life has changed so much since entering the Program. Not only have I lost weight and look better, but I feel better too.

I have more energy during the day and no longer get tired at 3pm like I used to. Also, I have learned to eat healthier and feed my family healthier meals. My whole lifestyle has changed and I wish I knew what I now know about eating when I was growing up because I think that my life would have been different. My success stems not only from losing weight, but changing my lifestyle.

I am eating healthier and I have passed this knowledge on to my family. By eating healthier, I feel better and like I am able to tackle anything. To anybody considering working with Mariah, it is a great program. You not only lost weight, but learn to eat better and how to live a healthier lifestyle.


After trying many diets over the past fifteen years, I decided to work with Mariah. I had a dream of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and no other program worked for me. That was until I started this program! Since participating in this program, I exercise more regularly. I feel better about myself not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. I have lost approximately ten pounds, and have kept the weight off for the past six months. Why wait - do it now; you won’t regret a day!


When I started working with Mariah (82 pounds ago), the practical information provided was something to go away and really think about. I was able to lose weight every week and still feel full by supplementing some higher calorie foods with lots of lower calorie foods like fruits and vegetables. I think that eating well is a habit which I will definitely be able to maintain once my goal weight has been reached. Overall, I have found the experience working with Mariah to be very rewarding.


I decided to work with Mariah when a contemporary suggested I try the program to help me lose weight. The detailed education on calories, nutrition and exercise has helped to support and change my lifestyle. Since participating in the program, I have a better understanding of calories and how the mind unconsciously plays an important role in eating. My life has changed because mentally, I feel the best I have ever felt. I have an ease in my heart and head.