I’m really glad you are investigating working together.

Managing weight, especially for the long term, in our country that is 70% overweight*, seems unlikely. I am committed that every client coming into my practice learns how to be successful! Working together with equal effort will allow for the best possible outcome.

My clients are the most amazing people: smart, accomplished, committed, yet, weight management threw most, prior to coming to my program, for a loop.

Reaching the right decision takes serious consideration on both our parts. This is a thoughtful process.

*JAMA Intern Med 2015:175:1412-1413


The process starts with a phone call. If upon a brief exchange you would like to take the next step, we schedule an in-person or phone/Skype consult. The consult typically lasts one hour and costs $150. This is where we both look to see if we would do well working together. This consult is usually full of“aha's” and there are often “To Do's” that can be applied right away. There are enough questions asked and answers given to then think about whether working together is a fit. We each take a day to make this decision.

If we decide to work together, we pick a weekly training slot and book weekly times a month in advance. The consulting fee is $525/month and paid at the beginning of each month.

Outside of our scheduled weekly training session, we stay connected by various means such as quick calls, texts and email. Communication is key.

We are working to beat the odds. We both must work diligently.

There are no days off.  Our work must be a match for the challenge.

Phase One: Weight Loss

The time it takes to lose a desired amount of weight varies according to several variables: start weight, level of physical activity, structured eating and ability to be coached, to name a few. This is a very exciting process!

Phase Two: Maintaining Your Weight Loss

This phase makes all the difference.  A strong commitment to coaching and communication, throughout Phase Two is likely to determine your ability to prevent regain. To support this effort, coaching support is ever-present. Many clients find for the first time, the ability to maintain a weight loss. I recommend remaining in this phase for “a good long time”.  Two years is not unusual and is in fact recommended.


With a close relationship and frequent calls, Mariah senses what’s coming around the corner and helps you plan.
It’s about LIFE, not just food.
— Andrea B., Minnesota