A Surprising Love...

No Bigger Than a Beanie Baby


 The call came from an animal rescue league, of sorts, our local garden shop:
"We have kittens."  

We named our little feral kitten, Lilly.  
Smaller than a beanie baby and just too cute for words, my children fell in love with this little creature. To my surprise, she became their third sibling. Lilly was cooed to, fed with a dropper and handled oh so carefully, My then 12 and 7 yr old children became enveloped in a magical love. Now eleven years later, Lilly has a vaulted place in our family.  
This week, my 6 foot plus, big, strapping, 19 year old son, having been away for several months, returned home. As he entered the front door, his usually deep voice moved several pitches higher while most gently calling,
                                          "Precious, Precious, where is My Precious?""                                                                               
  My heart smiled.