When a Beloved Family Pet Passes, Kids Who are Away are Often Hit Hard...


"I learned on a phone call that our dog Nessie had to be put down. I was in my final year of college, half a country away. Like many who have experienced this part of the pet ownership journey, I couldn’t have predicted how profoundly the loss of our family dog would affect me. At once, all of Nessie’s little quirks came to mind, in clear, painful focus. I couldn’t believe I would never experience her, again. Like the way she would stick her nose right up in your face, sniffing in frantic adoration, almost touching, but never licking--a habit my sister, brother and I must have instilled in her as kids when we would laugh and turn our faces away from her ticklish puppy licks. I felt conflicted; guilty about being absent at such a seminal moment for my family, but somehow relieved to be away from it all, knowing the pain that would come if I were home for the final goodbye." - KS 2016

Whether one is faced with the decision to end a pet’s life or one is dealing with the sudden loss of a cherished pet companion, a compassionate professional can provide support and expertise that make a big difference. The services of Dover Pet Loss are available by phone or in-person. A sliding scale fee makes services affordable regardless of income level.


“Mariah at Dover Pet Loss helped me make sense of a love and devastating loss that was turning me upside down.”