Give Yourself This Holiday Gift. It’ll take only 23 minutes!


I am a weight and health management expert. For several decades, I have helped people of all ages and stages of life navigate the tricky business of weight loss and maintenance. Recently, I listened to one of the absolute, best podcast interviews helpful to anyone interested in a unique take on the anatomy of successful goal attainment.


Articulate and witty, Jon Acuff, author of the book Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done was interviewed by Mike Carruthers. (You probably have heard Mike on any number of radio channels. He is the host of popular podcast, Something You Should Know.)

A December 6th recording between Mr. Acuff and Carruthers is a do not miss. Throughout the interview, with humor and a refreshing candor, Jon Acuff uses the research of setting and achieving goals to suggest motivation plays a limited role in goal attainment.

Most valuable is the idea that we are free to let go of the expectation that the feeling of being motivated is essential to and the sole driver of success.

This idea, coupled with the notion that hitting your goal requires having “the right sized goals” leaves the reader with useful permission to pause and reassess. The author could not be clearer encouraging us to push the “off-button” on the commonly assumed, self-imposed pressure for “perfect”.

While listening to this short interview, the listener may experience newfound interest and even excitement (yes!) to re-engage in the resurrection of goals that have seemed quite elusive and perhaps unattainable.

For those who would like to reach a healthier or preferred weight, listening to a twenty-three minute podcast might be just the ticket, taking you toward a stimulating sense of renewal and reengagement in health practices.

Perhaps, a reliable approach to reaching your 2019 goals is a simple click away…