Best Buddies


12 years old and four years old, Gus (Poodle) and Jax (Norwich Terrier) are unlikely friends. Gus is quite sensitive, very delicate, usually not friendly to other dogs and is especially finicky about his food. He is completely loyal and focused on his owner. Jax, on the other hand, though only 12 pounds, is very sturdy in both body and mind.  He is unabashed about meeting new people and pets. Jax sits, begs and spins all at once for a tidbit. He welcomes attention from all. 

This pair first met with caution, a sniff and a growl.  Now close friends, they often may be seen sitting together in their carriage, completely engaged while observing the world.  It's as if they put their differences aside to instead share an uncommon and lovely friendship.  It seems we humans could take note ...