They Do Indeed Bring Out The Best In Us

After watching this video, I visited my 90 year old mother and because of this video, I brought along my 4 year old Norwich Terrier.  You see Mum had a serious dizzy spell last night; I could hear when speaking with her over the phone, how frightened she was. Under this condition, I would want to give my Mother my full attention.  I would have visited dog-less. Instead, given the impact of this video, I thought, "Maybe Jax can help her."  I was thrilled and amazed watching what followed:

With Jax by her side, I watched Mum, in her bed, begin to relax.  As she stroked Jax's golden coat, she kept saying, "What a nice boy!"  Within minutes, she began to return to us.  She began to sound like her usual loving self.  In the face of an elderly, beloved parent's distress, I had the blessed experience of watching my little canine companion become my Mum's angel.  A recommendation: If you have an opportunity to share your four-footed friend with someone, especially someone in distress, try it.  You will be truly amazed!